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Our mission:
 to inspire YOU to try something NEW!  

A Lesson in Giving Back 

What's a former high school match
teacher of 33 years doing in town hall Serving her community, THAT'S what! Yes, it took courage to run for political office, but you will see that for Maggie Tuttle, it is SO worth it!
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Inspiration Away! 

Gayle Tustin 

Can travel open new doors for you?  You bet!  Meet Gayle Tustin, an artist of many mediums, who relies on travel to open her mind and fill her with inspiration. How does that work?  Watch Gayle as she travels to Morocco.   


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Hi!  I'm Brenda -  the creator, photographer, and editor!  My life has been a series of different acts - from school teacher, to reporter/news anchor, police department media liaison, and documentary producer.  I LOVE the challenge of new adventures and trying new things - exactly what  actTWO is about!

You don't have to become a potter or weaver, gardener or town alderman. But perhaps by seeing the satisfaction of others who have found a new purpose in life, you'll find your own new mountain to climb!    

So, watch, think, and act!  Most of all, have fun!   And let me know YOUR new actTWO! 


I'm proud to have produced these documentaries for UNCTV, North Carolina's public television station:

North Carolina's WWII Experience

Sing Behind the Plow

Gold Fever and the Bechtler Mint

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