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Thank You, Eddie Hart

Regional Emmy Award Winner

A Dutch woman – grateful for her freedom in World War II –  makes a lifelong promise to care for an American soldier's grave.

Eddie Hart  was a North Carolina farmer turned soldier in the waning days of World War II in Europe.  He never came home. Eddie was buried in Holland along with thousands of his fellow American comrades who had sacrificed their lives so that others could be free.  People like Betty Vrancken who had lived under brutal Nazi occupation in Holland, not far from where Eddie was buried.  And so, when Betty had a chance to express her gratefulness to her American liberators, she made a lifelong promise to care for the grave of an American soldier. That soldier was Eddie Hart.  


Thank You, Eddie Hart is not just a World War II story.  It's a stirring reminder of the impact of war, the value of honor and freedom, and what an extraordinary difference that ordinary people can make. 


Sing Behind the Plow

Regional Emmy Nomination

How a woman named Olive Campbell built an unusual school in an unlikely place in the early 1900’s, a school that still thrives today.

From the time that John C. Campbell married his bride, Olive Dame, they shared a dream: to improve the quality of life in Appalachia while preserving its rich traditions. After traveling the region in a wagon, both realized that education was the answer, but John died before he could fulfill  his dream. Olive Dame marched on and in 1925, the John C. Campbell Folk School opened its doors in tiny, rural Brasstown, North Carolina.

Today, over 90 years later, the John C. Campbell Folk School welcomes students from all over the world - teaching them a variety of crafts, music, dance and more - simply for the sheer love of learning.

Photo credit; John C. Campbell Folk School

UNC-TV Original Production

Marching Once More

Regional Emmy Award Winner

Survivors of the Battle of the Bulge make an emotional return to the battlefield 60 years after that horrific fight.

It's often called the largest, bloodiest battle of World War II.  Winston Churchill said it was..."undoubtedly the greatest American battle of the war..."  And, sixty years after Hitler's massive surprise attack that would result in over 19,000 American deaths in six weeks of fighting, survivors of the Battle of the Bulge returned.  Memories flooded back even as the people of Belgium and Luxembourg embraced the old soldiers. Best of all, they honored them, making sure they knew that their sacrifices had not been forgotten. 


Marching Once More is a history lesson you won't forget - powerful, personal, emotional. We are proud to bring it to you.

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Gold Fever and the Bechtler Mint

Regional Emmy Nomination

How North Carolina was the site of the nation's first gold rush! It’s a little known nugget of American history!

Who knew?  Not even many North Carolinians realize that the nation's first gold rush occurred in and around Rutherford County, North Carolina, in the early 1800s. Or...that a German immigrant named Christopher Bechtler created a successful family-owned mint that produced nearly two and a quarter million dollars worth of gold coins, including the country's first $1.00 gold coin! 


Shot on location in Rutherford County and the Blue Ridge Mountains, we tell the story of how it came to be - transforming an 

entire region and instilling a pride that is still evident to this day.

UNC-TV Original Production
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North Carolina's World War II Experience

UNC-TV Original Production

Regional Emmy Award Winner

North Carolinians remember World War II, sharing deeply personal stories of the pain, struggle and sacrifice that changed their lives forever.

From the European and Pacific theaters to the homefront, North Carolina was in the forefront of World War II.  In this two-hour original presentation, we hear poignant stories of the war and its impact - among them, from Marines who fought at Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal, a paratrooper who jumped over Normandy, and a soldier who stumbled into a Nazi concentration camp. We hear what it was like to be a child and a young soldier's wife during this frightening time, and the pride in building Liberty Ships for the war effort. In doing so, we gain a better understanding of a state, its people, and a generation who responded when their country needed them.


We were honored to meet folks who feel they did "nothing special;" yet, who inspire with their resilience and determination to ride out the storms they endured.

UNC-TV Original Production

Reflections of a World War II Veteran

Paperback Book

Poems About War and Life

by Paul J. Willis

World War II Veteran Paul Willis (Company G, 329th Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division) reflects on both war and life in this collection of original poems written over the past 60 years.  One of his writings, "A Stillness at Margraten," is featured in the WetBird documentary, Thank You, Eddie Hart.


"…leads the reader from despair to hope for the future…"

– Doreen Sigvaldsen, European historian/writer

"…particularly meaningful for those of us who have fought for the precious gift of freedom."

– Clayton Christensen

Co A, 324th Combat Eng Bn, 99th Inf Div